Student Academy Awards

Jun 7

What Student Academy Award Winners Wish Successful Filmmakers Would Do

Since we already asked this year’s Student Academy Award Winners to share their advice for aspiring filmmakers, we thought it would be fun to turn it around and also ask them what they wish established filmmakers would do. Here’s some of what they had to say…

Amanda Tasse: “Since you have money, why not be experimental?  Try different things.  Go into TV or video games.”

David Winstone: “I notice a lot of the great filmmakers are currently turning to the past.  I’d like to see more tap into the pulse of the present.”

Mark Raso: “Stop being so prolific.  Save some films for the rest of us.”

Keiko Wright: “When you have interns, pay us.  Give all of us jobs.”

Heather Burky: “List PAs first in the credits.”

Justin Tipping: “Let Justin Tipping shadow you.  It will be groundbreaking.”