Student Academy Awards

Jun 5

Meet David Winstone

David Winstone - University of Westminster, UK - Foreign Film Winner


From Cambridge, UK, David Winstone has always been passionate about film.  Growing up, he would use his father’s camera to shoot movies in his garden.  The genre was typically kung-fu, his stars were his younger brothers (no older than 6), the visual effects were in-camera, and the audience was comprised of his parents.  At 17, David made his first short film that he took seriously and afterwards, realized that doing anything else with his life other than film felt wrong. 

University of Westminster

David recently graduated from the University of Westminster and misses it already.  There, he made three short films, the third being “For Elsie”.  He says the best thing about film school is that it’s very hands-on and allows a filmmaker to make lots of mistakes in a safe environment and learn from them.  

"For Elsie"

"For Elsie" is a dark comedy about a piano teacher forced to teach a young, Russian girl (who has never played piano) Fur Elise in a day — an impossible task.  At its heart, the story is about a man re-discovering passion in what he loves.  David, along with screenwriter Vincent Klueger, changed a lot from the first draft through the final product (especially the ending) and David is very pleased with the end result.

What’s Next?

David has several shorts currently in production.  He has also been getting a lot more meetings due to winning a Student Academy Award.

Check out a clip from “For Elsie.”