Student Academy Awards

Jun 5

Meet Thomas Stuber

Thomas Stuber - Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg - Germany - Foreign Film Winner


Thomas Stuber was raised in Leipzig, Germany.  As a teenager he began watching everything he could get his hands on— his favorites being action movies and the French New Wave.  He spent a year of high school in Mobile, Alabama and when he got back home, his mind was made up: filmmaking would be his life.  So he took some internships in film and television and started making his own shorts and here we are.

Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg

Thomas considers attending the Film Academy a privilege, especially due to all the opportunities there.  While not necessary for aspiring filmmakers, Thomas says it sure helps a lot.  He learned about team play, patience, and how to network.

"Of Dogs and Horses"

Thomas adapted “Of Dogs and Horses” from a short story by Clemens Meyer.  They both share Leipzig as a hometown and Thomas was drawn to how the writings of Meyer captures the tone and feel of Leipzig .  ”Of Dogs and Horses” is deeply entrenched in the city, not in the delineation but in the little details. 

Shooting was hard, fun, adventurous.  The dog actor was old and they had to shoot the racetrack scenes on actual race days.  Post production took a long time.  Thomas broke his leg, he turned thirty.

What’s Next?

Thomas is working on a feature script with Clemens Meyer.  They are hoping to shoot next year.

Check out the trailer for “Of Dogs and Horses.”