Student Academy Awards

Jun 5

Meet Eric Prah

Eric Prah - Ringling College of Art and Design - Animation Winner


From Plainfield, New Jersey, Eric Prah has been into animation his whole life.  In childhood, he binged on cartoons and doodled in class.  In his teens, being inspired by the XiaoXiao stick-figure-fighting Internet cartoons, he started messing around with Flash animation.  Then he went to a summer animation program in Cambridge, MA, sponsored by the New York Film Academy.  There he made mini animated shorts and learned the basics of animation, modeling, rigging, lighting and texturing.

Ringling College of Art and Design

The rest of Eric’s education came from Ringling.  Eric learned a lot from the faculty but he was surprised to find how much he learned from his fellow students.  Not a single day went by where he didn’t talk to somebody about his work or help somebody with theirs.  Collaboration made Eric a stronger filmmaker.

"My Little Friend"

For his thesis film, Eric wanted to tell a story that was funny and a little bit weird.  He succeeded in just that and won a Student Academy Award on top of it.  It was a long process of fleshing out the characters and the story (click here to check out the evolution of the characters), followed by a “making it funnier” pass of tweaking the designs and refining the animatics.  Then came the long, hard process of making the animation.  And finally came, as Eric refers to it as, the “fix it because everything’s due in two weeks” pass.

What’s Next?

Eric is starting as an animation intern at Blue Sky.

Check out more from Eric Prah at his blog.

And check out a clip of “My Little Friend.”